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Barbie Slide Show

Twilight Barbies

Coming in November I'm getting the long awaited Twilight Barbie Dolls. Barbie is Bella and Ken is Edward. Mattel worked with Stephanie Myers to create the dolls. They look better than some of the other Twilight dolls (well in my opinion). I'm excited to carry these in my store.

New Barbies in my store

I was able to find more Barbies to sell in my store. I'm really excited with the dolls I found. Here are some pictures of dolls that I'm selling.

This is the Black Canary from DC Comics which is one of the Barbie Collector Dolls.

This doll is part of the Country Singer Doll Collection. She comes with a microphone, guitar and a cute jeans outfit.

This doll is a Barbie Dealer Exclusive and won't be sold in the big toy and retail stores. I have 2 of them in stock. It comes in a lovely collectors box and has a free keychain included showing the Barbie Logo.

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